Thank you for your interest in translating The Word For Today (TWFT) publications. We love to see that God has given you a heart for co-laboring in getting His Word out to His people.

The WORD FOR TODAY is willing to allow you to provide a translation under the following terms and conditions:

(A) Since there is no warranty of your ability to translate, TWFT is not obligated to accept, agree to publish and/or distribute the translation you provide;

(B) TWFT will not pay, or reimburse any expenses whatsoever for translation time or costs;

(C) TWFT retains the sole authority to approve or disapprove your final translation;

(D) TWFT will always retain any and all copyrights and ownership rights to the translation you produce;

(E) TWFT retains the right to review and revise your translation prior to granting authorization to print and/or publish the same;

(F) Should TWFT, after the review of approval of your translation prior to granting authorization to print and or publish the same, TWFT restricts the translated to be sold only at cost and no further donations or exchanges will be requested.

(G) TWFT reserves the right to terminate the translation and/or its printing, publication or distribution at any time in the future, without reservation, with or without cause.

(H) Once your translation is approved, publication rights will be granted per the terms and conditions of our own separate TWFT publications contract.

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